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Temporal Pain and Cheek Tightness

Do you have temporal pain and/or cheek tightness?

Hunching over your computer?

Working hard at work and in exchange developed a poor posture?

There are list of bodily pain/discomforts below;

-       neck and shoulder pain/tightness

-       headaches in the occiput, top of head, frontal, eyebrow and back of eye

-       temporal pain/headache with or without cheek tightness/pain

-       teeth clenching/grinding

Often temporal pain with/without cheek tightness are due to poor posturing and the pain originates from upper cervical spine in the neck that refer to temporal and cheek/jaw regions.

So if you are suffering  these symptoms, please do come in for an assessment and treatment. Quicker you get the right diagnosis, the quicker you know what to do and what not to do.