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7 Exercises to Make Perfect Recovery from TMJ Disorder



For the best TMJ condition, your neck and upper back posture is so important.

So Let’s start with neck and upper back exercises and finish with Jaw exercises

1 Check your hump in the base of your neck and correct your posture by drawing shoulder blades back and followed by chin back. Hold 15 seconds, and do this every 30 minutes

2 Reverse of Child’s pose a) desk to chair or b) floor to coffee table or chair seat hold this upper back stretch for 5 -10 seconds only to avoid shoulders getting sore.

3 Wall Angels x 20 repetitions, 3 times per day, both arms in contact with the wall but whole body is away and off the wall, not touching. Lift both arms up and down (up -as far as elbows stay on wall), do it slowly at a speed of 3 seconds to go up and 3 seconds to come down

4 Tongue on Roof of mouth, – helps to breathe through nose rather than mouth, mouth breathing means tongue stays down on bottom teeth and can push bottom teeth and lower jaw (mandible) forward

5 Keep tongue on roof of mouth and open and keep it open for 5 seconds and close mouth. Repeat this continuously over 60 seconds i.e. 10-12 repetitions in one session. Try this every hourly to few hourly depending on the severity of symptoms and how quickly you want to get better

6 Resisted jaw motion – a) resist opening, b) resist closing at different ranges,

7 Resisted jaw motion c) resist right side translation, d) resist left side translation

Do this 7 exercises in 2-3 cycles per session to get the great therapeutic effect of repeating!

Let me know how you go and if you have any comment or questions, please leave it in the section below.



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