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https://youtu.be/zdiUZsYAjbQ If there is one posture to totally avoid in your sleep to prevent having jaw problem or TMD or to stop worsening jaw problem, that is sleeping on your TUMMY! Yes, there are some research to suggest direct link between prone lying (sleeping on your stomach) to temper-mandibular

https://youtu.be/nZKDQrRolcE Jaw can get locked and suddenly you are unable to open wide to bite, yawn or yell. It may be trigged following a sleep where you slept on your hands underneath your face and jaw or following a lengthy procedure related to your teeth or intubation. Whatever the

https://youtu.be/yoR_eS2GK74 Have you been feeling like the bite is off and wondering why? Do you also have other symptoms; - Clenching or Grinding in the night - Clicks, Pops, Pain in the Jaw and Wobbly or Deviation on Opening Mouth - persistent Headache or Migraine - Snoring or Sleep Apnoea - Receding gum - Poor

https://youtu.be/SGBjasShqWA All the books I bought regarding the TMJ and the management of TMDs, this book stands out the best by far. Perhaps it is because it is written by a physical therapist but it has so much useful information that you can implement and practice straight away. It

https://youtu.be/G7-uSNDpw9I Ever experienced headache and jaw pain from wearing mask? It is to do with the stress from the mask straps to the nerves innervating your ear lobe. There are several nerves innervating your ear lobes 1 Nerves from your neck in C2 and C3 spinal nerves (great auricular nerve) 2 Auriculotemporal

https://youtu.be/PEZHp9WS-yo Have you noticed stiffness and tightness when dentist asked you to open your mouth? If you clench or grind at night or day, it may be stiffer than how it was 6 months ago at the dental check up. So if you started to notice some stiffness and tightness

https://youtu.be/kb_vsU-1AeU Yes you read it right. 91% of people with Hashimoto's disease complain of pain in the masticatory systems. In people with hypothyroidism, Hypomobility (Stiffness in the Jaw joints to open and close) was reported in 84.6%. In people with hyperthyroidism, Hypermobility (Looseness in the Jaw joints to open) was reported in 45.5%, Hypomobility

https://youtu.be/1hYHnwCbGSk   Have you found difficult to breathe through your nose for a long time? Have you noticed your mouth is often dry and you feel like you always need to grab a sip of water? Do you grind or clench your teeth at night for as long as you remember? Never

https://youtu.be/QlOE4r4HxBI   As a matter of fact, female gets more jaw issues. Researchers have found a link with female hormone especially estrogen (oestrogen) and birth control pills. Natural oestrogen has net effect of reducing inflammation. Synthetic oestrogen (birth control pills) reduces natural oestrogen level. Changes in the bone density of the jaw have

It is worthwhile checking your medications you may be taking. Some medications have clenching, grinding and tightness in the jaw and cheek as a side effect. Common medications are called SSRIs, short for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. These drugs are commonly prescribed to treat depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic

https://youtu.be/6Rkx9Oa90Vc Let's train the back part of the tongue! Say the words like "Q" and "G" such as; "Quentin questioned gurgly goggle". Practice saying the sentence and repeat it 3-5 repetitions, 3-5 times per day. Remember we are doing this exercise so that you become predominantly nose breather. Why becoming nose breather? It is