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Braces, Invisalign and Clicky Jaw / TMJ Physiotherapy

Are you undergoing orthodontic work?

Congratulations! It can be a dream-come-true event to be able to afford and change your teeth alignment to show even better-looking smile.

Have you started noticing some clicky sounds in your jaw as the braces or invisalign  therapy continue to change your teeth position?

Well it can be a common thing to occur as different forces are applied to your teeth.

Especially so if mandibular teeth (bottom teeth) are under a lot of difference forces from brace or bands.

This is because bottom teeth are housed in the mandibular bone where its only connections to the skull are a set of jaw joints.

We have special interest in restoring your jaw joint function.

Also ask your dental specialist about what she/he thinks. She will only be happy for you to have your jaw function restored by physio while the orthodontic treatment continues.

So talk to us today for your jaw Physiotherapy.

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