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Jaw Problems: Overbite and tinnitus

Many of the clients who come to us for help regarding their jaw-related problems such as tinnitus with low pitch to high pitch, jaw pain/ache, cheek tightness and/or clicks/pops.

In some instances, cause of the jaw-related symptoms originate from varying degrees of Overbite.

Overbite means “the overlapping of the lower teeth by the upper”.

This can drive the lower jaw bone (mandible) backwards so that bite feels comfortable when chewing but it increases compression force inside the jaw joint.

This in turn irritates ear(s) that are only separated from jaw joint by a 2mm thickness bone.

In the case of Overbite being the primary driver of the clients’ symptoms, Physiotherapy will help reduce symptoms by stretching, releasing and exercising.

Dentist’s intervention for the correction of Overbite is necessary if complete resolution is desired.

Overbite can cause further issues in the jaw, neck at C1 & C2 facet joints and sternocleidomastoid muscle, and they can certainly bring on tinnitus, cheek tightness and clicks/pops.

Our Physiotherapist can treat your jaw or neck effectively whichever the source of your symptoms.

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