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Locked Jaw

So you woke up with the jaw that wouldn’t open wide?

And not sure why or how it happened?

May be you slept on your side with your hands under your face pushing agains your jaw?

You may be suffering from a locked jaw joint (TMJ).

Technically there are two types of locked jaw.

1. Closed lock, where it can’t open wide enough

2. Open lock, where it can’t close shut.

It is more common to see 1. Closed lock where the articular disc is displaced forward out of the jaw joint and has not gone back to the original position (almost like toothpaste squeezed out too much and would not go back in).

Often in these cases, some jaw joint clicking predates these locked or stuck jaw joint episodes.

Treatment involves stretching and moving the jaw joints to help articular disc to return to its original position.

Quicker you get started with proper treatment and exercises, the quicker you recover.

Once the jaw(s) unlocks then we will start treating the original cause that made it click and lock in the first place.

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