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Mariano Rocabado’ 6 Exercises for TMJ Disorders


Mariano Rocabado’s 6 Exercises for TMJ Disorders

This is designed by Rocabado in order to treat TMJ disorders. He emphasized the importance of treating head and neck in addition to effectively treat TMJ disorders.

He recommended performing 6 repetitions each exercise, 6 sessions per day.

1 Resting Position of the Joint – Tongue on the Roof of Mouth

2 Controlled Opening

3 Stabilisation of the TMJ

4 Stabilised Head Flexion

5 Cervical Retraction

6 Shoulder Retraction

Short Modified Accelerated Version


Effectiveness of Rocabado’s Technique for Subjects with Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction – A Single Blind Study International Journal of Physiotherapy 2(1):365 · February 2015 Niha Siraj Mulla, K. Vinod Babu, N. Sai Kumar, Syed Rais Rizvi https://www.researchgate.net/publication/273496058_Effectiveness_of_Rocabado’s_Technique_for_Subjects_with_Temporomandibular_Joint_Dysfunction_-_A_Single_Blind_Study


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