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Only Lower Jaw Can Move

Are you feeling stiff and tight in the jaw and cheek areas?


You may be using your jaw joints incorrectly when chewing and talking.


Jaw joint motion only occurs in the lower jaw bone and in fact, upper jaw does not move at all.

If you feel like upper jaw has been moving, you may have been compensating upper jaw immobility with overworking of upper neck motion.


This will cause stress to the jaw and also the neck.


Just as a test,

1 place and hold one hand between nose and upper lip and open and close your jaw. It should move with no problem.


2 place and hold your hand under the chin and open and close your jaw. You can’t move your jaw in this way.


So if you noticed that you were using your jaw incorrectly, it is worth correcting by using only lower jaw to chew or talk to improve the quality of jaw and neck uses.

This will help contribute to the improvement of your symptoms.


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