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Physiotherapy to Treat Your Jaw Problem

Physiotherapy for your Jaw problem


Have you been suffering from jaw problem or so called “TMD – short for temporomandibular joint dysfunction”?

Your TMJ is made up of a pair of bones called temporal bone and mandible. They are separated by an articular disc which enables sliding and gliding motion of jaw joint. This is then encapsulated with capsule and ligaments. They are like the guiding wires of the mandible. Finally muscles of mastication move the pair of TMJ to chew food materials, speak and yawn.

So when things go wrong in the TMJ, you need an accurate diagnosis to find out which structure is responsible for your symptoms.

Our special interest is in providing treatment and complete management for TMD from Physiotherapeutic point of view. That is, us physios will assess your issues from muscles, joint, joint capsule, ligaments – whole of musculoskeletal problem. After all jaw joint is a unique joint but like any other joints that physiotherapists are good at accurately assessing, treating and providing long term management from a relatively conservative point of view – that is no surgeries nor procedures. All assessment and treatment are performed with manual hands-on therapy and home exercise program. Any kinds of procedure is a last resort or only used in conjunction (such as injections) with physiotherapy to restore the jaw joints to normal functioning.

So lets get started with TMJ specialised Physiotherapy today!

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