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Think How Long You Clench Every Day!

Feeling tight in the cheek?

That’s the common symptom patients report when they describe their TMJ/Jaw problems.


I would often ask ‘ How long do you think is an average time that your top and bottom teeth are in contact in any given 24 hours?’


The answer is 10-15 minutes per day! This includes 3 meals when you chew food materials.


So if you are clenching reading this blog, you are probably working your jaw muscles overtime!


Ideal position for your teeth when you are not eating is to keep top and bottom teeth slightly apart with enough gap for the tip of your tongue.


Also then I would ask, ‘ where about is your tongue usually? Is it placed near the bottom front teeth or top front teeth or anywhere else?’


Ideal position of your tongue at rest and not eating is usually just a little bit behind the top front teeth, at the roof of your mouth where surface is rough.

Your tongue is a voluntary muscle and therefore you can train or retrain it to position optimally.

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