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TMJ, oestrogen and pills



As a matter of fact, female gets more jaw issues.

Researchers have found a link with female hormone especially estrogen (oestrogen) and birth control pills.

Natural oestrogen has net effect of reducing inflammation.

Synthetic oestrogen (birth control pills) reduces natural oestrogen level.

Changes in the bone density of the jaw have also been reported in people taking birth control pills.

Middle aged women can present with numerous oral changes due to medications taken for medical conditions, and hormonal changes due to menopause.

– Altered taste

– A burning sensation in the mouth,

– Greater sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages

– Reduced salivary flow causing dry mouth (xerostomia)

There are many consequences for dry mouth but particularly relevant to TMJ disorder is; dry mouth causes clenching and grinding.

Combination of reduced natural oestrogen, and increased mechanical / physical stress to the jaw joint due to clenching and / or grinding may mean it is harder for the body to control inflammation that occurs in the TMJ.

So if this sounds like you, consider talking to an expert to start managing it straight away.

Happy Rehab!


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