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Are You Doing 7000 Steps Every Day?

Are you walking at least 7000 steps per day?

According to the March, 2020 edition of Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, a research survey of almost 1700 people in Australia aged 55-85, regarding ‘daily step count, diet and sleep relationship to death rate over 10 years’ was presented.

Results were varied but one interesting take home message is;
People in Australia walk an average of 6900 steps per day and each 1000 steps in addition a person walks per day, the death rate reduced by 7%.

In previous study, there was ceiling to this effect after 7400 steps but in the current study, there have been no ceiling found. That means arguably, more you walk on average above 6900 steps per day, more healthy you could become.

Considering it takes about 10 minutes for 1000 steps for average adult, the bottom line is to achieve at least 70 minutes of walking per day at least.

During the winter season topped by the current lockdown, let’s ensure you are walking enough steps to fill at least 70 minutes daily.

One patient told me an handy activity reminder app (PostureMinder App) on Google Chrome (only available through Chrome) that reminds you to get up and move regularly. My reminder app has just gone off while writing this article, so I am writing this in between squat sets.

Hope you stay healthy during this winter season and let’s use this current period as a stepping stone to improve awareness of the healthy habits for the long term!

Metro Physiotherapy remains OPEN throughout the this lockdown period as an essential medical service.
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Happy Rehab!

Tad Okutani
APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist