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Sleep Posture to Totally Avoid for Jaw Problem (TMD)

If there is one posture to totally avoid in your sleep to prevent having jaw problem or TMD or to stop worsening jaw problem, that is sleeping on your TUMMY!

Yes, there are some research to suggest direct link between prone lying (sleeping on your stomach) to temper-mandibular dysfunction (jaw problem).

Some people love sleeping on their stomach. I find myself sleeping on my stomach and on few occasions that has put my chin directly on the bed mattress and caused massive prolonged pressure on my jaw and caused pain.

It is almost like stretching your jaw for many minutes continuously. You can easily imagine you won’t be able to walk well after stretching your calf muscle for say 30 minutes continuously because it has been overstretched and painful to put any weight down on your foot.

The same mechanism applies to your jaw.

Sleeping on your tummy may put extra pressure on one side of your jaw and put the jaw joint into prolonged period of stretch. If you do that repetitively every night, you can imagine that may be a big problem for the jaw long term.

We are meant to turn unto 24-48 times in one sleep. Options are lying on your back, right side and left side.

Once you fall asleep, there is no control over sleeping positions but at lease when going into sleep, let’s avoid sleeping on your TUMMY to avoid causing jaw problem!

Happy Rehab!

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