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Jaw Exercise for Locked and Stiff Jaw

Jaw can get locked and suddenly you are unable to open wide to bite, yawn or yell.

It may be trigged following a sleep where you slept on your hands underneath your face and jaw or following a lengthy procedure related to your teeth or intubation.

Whatever the reason, one or both of your jaw joints have had the articular disc move forward and obstructing the joint from moving freely. In addition, muscles around your jaw joint may go into spasm as well in response to what’s happening.

Around-the-World movement exercise for your jaw involves in random combination,
a) open wide,
b) side ways right or left
c) forward or back,
motions to get more range in any which way possible.

As long as it is not painful, when it is restricted very early in the range, any improvement in range is what we want.

So get your jaw moving to regain your jaw range as soon as possible!

Happy Rehab!

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