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Jaw and Bite problem – who to see?

Have you been feeling like the bite is off and wondering why?

Do you also have other symptoms;
– Clenching or Grinding in the night
– Clicks, Pops, Pain in the Jaw and Wobbly or Deviation on Opening Mouth
– persistent Headache or Migraine
– Snoring or Sleep Apnoea
– Receding gum
– Poor Posture causing Neck and Shoulders
– Sleep on your stomach

Above is not the entire list of symptoms that may accompany the bite being out.

In essence, if the bite problem is related to the bottom teeth not feeling right when they come in contact with top teeth, it may be worth seeing a physiotherapist or physical therapist with special interest in treating jaw problem. Getting it assessed and treated by a physiotherapist on your jaw to restore your normal and comfortable bite before getting anything permanent done to the bottom teeth is worth the effort to ensure complete recovery is achieved.

If the bite problem is in the top teeth then get going and seek expert advice and management on your teeth from your dental professional.

Happy Rehab!

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