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Jaw – Lip Seal Strengthening Exercise


Jaw – lip seal strengthening exercises

Lips together strengthening exercises

Lip press

Button pull

Paddle pop pull

This is a follow-on from the previous video about short upper lip stretching exercise. (Short Upper Lip, Dry Mouth and Grinding – Jaw Disorder Exercise and Management to Improve Lip Seal)


In normal lip, upper lip covers 75% of the upper front teeth.

This enables both upper and lower lips to come together and complete seal can be achieved.

When lips seal, inside your mouth can stay in negative pressure.

This is a very important aspect of having your tongue tip on the roof of mouth because the negative pressure help achieve suction. That means the tongue stays up while lips together and teeth apart.

This achieves what we want – nose breathing.

Why do we want nose breathing?

It is because dry mouth (xerostomia) is strongly linked to clenching and grinding.

So this video shows simple lip together strengthening exercises to improve lip seal

– then tongue stays up

– mouth stays moist – nose breathe and therefore no clenching and grinding

– no TMJ disorder

– improves jaw pain and tightness

Happy Rehab!

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