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Jaw – Tongue Toning and Training Exercise 1/5 – Clucking


Tongue position is important for the healthy TMJ jaw functioning.

Correct position for the tongue is on the roof of mouth, and teeth apart and lips together to maintain the negative pressure in the oral cavity (mouth).

This helps to breathe in through nose rather than mouth.

As we know mouth breathing can cause dry mouth (xerostomia) which contributes to clenching and grinding at night (bruxism / bruxing).

Clucking is an easy way to get the tongue training and exercise to activate and strengthen your tongue to stay up so that the tip of tongue stays on the roof of mouth just behind the front teeth on the area called alveolar ridges (hard palate).

Try clucking 3 sets of 10 times per session and repeat these sessions throughout day to train

1. your brain to keep tongue on the roof of mouth and

2. your tongue muscle to get stronger

Happy Rehab!

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