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Reason Wearing Mask Causes Headache and Jaw pain


Ever experienced headache and jaw pain from wearing mask?

It is to do with the stress from the mask straps to the nerves innervating your ear lobe.

There are several nerves innervating your ear lobes

1 Nerves from your neck in C2 and C3 spinal nerves (great auricular nerve)
2 Auriculotemporal nerve, a branch of mandibular nerve (Cranial Nerve V3), which is one of three branches of Trigeminal nerve (CN V)
3 Auricular branch of Vagus Nerve (CN X)
4 Branch of Glossopharyngeal Nerve (CN IX)

So in general, 1 it stresses the nerve in the upper neck, 2,3,4 it also stresses the nerve that goes to innervate ear lobe, jaw, teeth, gums.
So it can easily trigger neck pain, headache and jaw pain, nausea and other symptoms that may be quite unique to each individual who experiences them.

Solution may be to;
a) change to a looser mask straps or pre-stretch the rubber straps,
b) change the location of where the straps are over the ear lobes,
c) choose masks with long strips that you tie at the back of the head rather than around the ear lobes

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